The Human Food Booklet

The Human Food Booklet contains easy to follow, expert advice to help you complete the rest of your diet. It also contains tips on making smoothies, ingredient and nutritional information, plus an illustrated morning regime of simple stretching and breathing exercises (taking 20 – 45 mins) that can be combined with Human Food bars to make a complete holistic health and wellness system.

Ailish Lucas

"I loved the bars, I loved the taste and great to carry round. They kept me full from breakfast through to lunch which hardly ever happens! 5 out of 5!" Ailish Lucas - Natural beauty, health and wellness blogger.

Dan Papps

"I work in London, where a proper breakfast or lunch is at least £7. Human Food is half the cost and the most nutritious thing I eat all day." Dan Papps - manager of Imprint Faber Social at leading independent publishing house Faber & Faber.

Peter Robinson

"Surprisingly tasty and enjoyable to eat" Peter Robinson - manager of Imprint Faber Social at leading independent publishing house Faber & Faber.

Dan Germain

"Dense, sticky and tasty. If you're in an office, a great option to keep in your bag." Dan Germain Dan created the Innocent Drinks brand and is now one of the most respected and well known branding experts in the world.

Anett Velsberg

"It is a wonderful way to get your nutrients and feeling full quickly without taking any supplement. Only the good stuff!" Anett Velsberg - World renowned Food photographer and stylist.

Anthony Mullally

"Great Nutritionally and tastes awesome!" Anthony Mullally - Ireland rugby league international who plays for Leeds Rhinos in the European Super League.

Erin Fergus

"With my first 2 Human Food bars down the hatch I added 20lb to my cable pull through. With a third one what can I do tomorrow?" Erin Fergus - World Natural Bodybuilding Federation competitor.

Human Food T-Shirt


We tried over 20 different organic T shirts, looking for just the right weight and cut for a favorite Tshirt. It’s strong but not too heavy, feels nice and soft and is cut in the classic 80’s style – not too tight and not too long. The T shirts are 100% organic cotton and the ink is DayGlo.T-shirts are black or white and printed in the color of chosen bar, or in triple color (with 3 month, 1 year and 6 year packages). And the sweatshirts are printed with glow-in-the-dark ink.