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  • Why is it called Human Food?

    Human Food contains no artificial flavours or sweeteners, no added sugar, and no synthetic nutrients. It contains only organic whole-foods and whole-food extracts which have always been part of the human diet. Also, Human Food has been made specifically to support a plant-based diet, making it easy to live in a healthy, sustainable and humane way.
  • What does Human Food taste of?

    While Human Food has been formulated primarily to enhance health and well-being, we’ve also taken care to make sure it tastes good. 20 wholefoods have been carefully selected and finely balanced to create a taste so complex it’s always interesting, and so smooth it's hard to say what the flavour is, except to say it’s delicious. This is so Human Food stays enjoyable every day, and so smoothies can be flavoured by adding different fruits.
  • Will I be charged for delivery?

    Delivery is free in the UK for all subscriptions of 20 bars or over. Overseas deliveries are charged at cost but for subscriptions of over 20 bars this is reduced by the price of UK delivery, so while overseas delivery is not free it is subsidised.
  • Why is the price £3.30 a bar?

    We have spent over 4 years developing Human Food, working with doctors, nutritionists, professional athletes and leading authorities in ancient Taoist (Chinese) and Ayurvedic (Indian) health practices. We made Human Food as good as possible and then worked out a fair price per bar, which is less than the high street cost of the ingredients.
  • Does Human Food contain synthetic vitamins?

    No. Human Food contains 100% food derived nutrients, which are complete with essential phytonutrients required for optimal absorption and use in the body. Read more here about natural v synthetic nutrients.
  • Is the packaging biodegradable?

    Yes, 100% of our packaging is biodegradable. And all of our packaging (except for the wrappers) is recyclable and made from recycled card or paper. The wrappers are made of FSC paper and a compostable foil laminate, which is biodegradable but not yet recyclable.
  • Can I split up my order so I can try all 3 bars?

    Yes. We can make up any combination of bars you like. And preferences can be easily adjusted in your subscription settings, right up until the day each order is packed.
  • Are the seeds ground, split or powdered before bars are made?

    No. In order to protect against oxidization (which causes degradation in taste and nutrition) all of the seeds in Human Food are included whole. However, some breakage will occur during the mixing and bar forming process.
  • How many bars a day?

    We recommend 1 bar of Human Food a day, for breakfast or lunch - either eaten as a bar, drunk in a smoothie, or broken up into Bircher, muesli or porridge. Please see the Human Food Booklet for more information.
  • What countries do you deliver to?

    We deliver Taster Packs, 2 Week Trials and Subscriptions to any country in the world. However, Bulk purchases are currently only available in the UK and E.U.